John Griffiths


After wondering the mountain states for over 20 years I have returned to Pennsylvania where I spent most of my childhood. I would say where I grew up but I’m not sure that has happened. I hope it never does. I am passionate about raising my children and fully living life. I’ve had the job of chef, lab assistant, manager, salesman, arborist, carpenter, roofer, dishwasher, and babysitter but I have always been an artist. I like art that is pleasing to the eye yet challenging to the mind and emotion. In the words of Bob Weir, “[live life] with Joy and Mischief!”

I can be found trying not to be found:
  • Creating Art
  • Tour Biking
  • Mountaineering
  • Fly Fishing

Message me on Facebook or mail me at: tootahrr@gmail.com

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